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Programs and resources that are included in this section have been sourced from The National Eating Disorders Collaboration Resources Review (2010).

To be considered for inclusion, these resources were assessed for relevance regarding the prevention, identification, early intervention, management and/or care of eating disorders. These programs and resources have been developed for use by educational professionals in a school environment. Emphasis was placed on identifying programs and resources already in use in Australia.

If you would like to recommend a resource for inclusion please contact us.

Please note that all resources are subject to a quality assurance review.

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15 Resources and Programs
1. An Eating Disorders Resource for Schools: A Manual to Promote Early Intervention and Prevention of Eating Disorders in Schools
Manual 92 pages

This manual informs teachers, coaches, and members of the school community about the prevention and early intervention of Eating Disorders. It was developed through consultation with the scientific literature, school staff, students diagnosed with Eating Disorders and their parents, and ...

2. BodyThink
Prevention Program (facilitator instructions and DVD)

BodyThink is an Eating Disorder health promotion and prevention school-based workshop for children aged 11 to 14 years. The BodyThink materials include a booklet with facilitator instructions, activity cards, and a DVD that exposes media and filming trickery used to create beauty ideals. The ...

3. Completely Gorgeous
Web-based resources and curriculum

Completely Gorgeous is a website and classroom resource for students and teachers from upper primary school to secondary school years. It includes excerpts from the book, Real Gorgeous, an animated video, and games and learning activities that are relevant to areas of schooling including health ...

4. Eating Disorders in Schools: Prevention, Early Identification and Response
Manual 48 pages

This resource is written for education professionals working in schools to assist them in understanding eating disorders, promoting health and wellbeing within their schools, recognising and responding to eating disorders, and supporting students who are undergoing treatment for an eating ...

5. Eating Disorders: An Information Pack
Information Pack 10 Pages

Eating Disorders: An Information Pack is designed to provide school students with a basic overview of Eating Disorders. Topics covered include diagnostic features, prevalence, causes, warning signs, physical and psychological effects, and treatment options. A resource list of books and journals ...

6. Everybody's Different: A Positive Approach to Teaching about Health, Puberty, Body Image, Nutrition, Self-Esteem and Obesity Prevention

This book outlines a whole-school curriculum for children and adolescents, Everybody's Different, which promotes healthy nutrition, self esteem enhancement, media literacy, acceptance of pubertal processes, and positive body image with the aim of preventing Eating Disorders and obesity. The ...

7. Happy Being Me
Manual/Prevention Program 24 Pages

Happy Being Me is an evidence-based three-session classroom prevention intervention for girls aged 11 to 14 years. This program was developed to reduce body dissatisfaction, desire to obtain the thin body type portrayed as ideal by the media, peer interactions that contribute to body ...

8. Media Smart
Manual/Prevention program

Media Smart is an evidence-based eight-lesson media literacy program suitable for girls and boys in late primary school or early high school. Topics covered include techniques used by the media to manipulate images (e.g. airbrushing), ideas for how to analyse and challenge media messages, tips ...

9. MyStudentBody
Web-based program/Prevention program

MyStudentBody is an online harm-reduction program for university students. The program addresses a range of health and wellness issues including alcohol and drug use, nutrition, stress, tobacco use, and sexual health. The nutrition module provides fitness and nutrition education, and targets ...

10. No Body is Perfect: Teaching and Learning about Body Image and Gender
School Curriculum

This resource provides Year 7 to 10 teachers of Personal Development, Health and Physical Education Syllabus a curriculum that explores issues related to body image and gender. The curriculum is provided on behalf of the New South Wales Department of Education and Training. The teaching and ...

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