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Programs and resources that are included in this section have been sourced from The National Eating Disorders Collaboration Resources Review (2010).

To be considered for inclusion, they needed to be relevant to the prevention, identification, early intervention, management or care of eating disorders. The programs and resources have been developed for use by a variety of audiences at the community level. Emphasis was placed on identifying programs and resources already in use in Australia.

If you would like to recommend a resource for inclusion please contact us.

Please note that all resources are subject to a quality assurance review.


9 Resources and Programs
1. An Eating Disorders Resource for: Community and Welfare Workers
Manual 92 Pages

This manual outlines methods to assist community and welfare workers to prevent Eating Disorders, and to identify, intervene, and support individuals diagnosed with an Eating Disorders. Risk factors and early warning signs are discussed, with action pathways for individuals believed to be at risk. ...

2. Clinical Guideline for Counsellors and Psychotherapists: Working with Clients with Eating Disorders
Treatment Guidelines

This clinical guideline is designed for counsellours and psychotherapists working with individuals with Eating Disorders. The guideline summarises the main types of Eating Disorders and an evidence-based approach to treatment, and provides an online resource list.

3. Eating Disorders Resource for Health Professionals: A Manual to Promote Early Identification, Assessment, and Treatment of Eating Disorders
Manual 170 Pages

This manual was developed to assist health professionals to detect, assess, and manage Eating Disorders. The manual is designed for a range of professionals including general practitioners, pediatricians, dietitians, psychologists, counsellours, psychiatrists, nurses, and allied health ...

4. Eating Disorders: An Information Pack for General Practitioners
Information pack 66 pages

This information pack for general practitioners provides information on Eating Disorders, including common presentations (physical and psychological features), screening advice, diagnostic critiera, and guidance on assessment, management, and referral. The information pack includes a five-question ...

5. Eating Disorders: First Aid Guidelines
Fact Sheet

These guidelines outline first aid strategies for assisting adults who may be developing or experiencing an Eating Disorder. The guidelines were developed based on expert opinion of health professionals, consumers, and carers from Australia. The guidelines give an overview of Eating Disorder, ...

6. Full of Ourselves: A Wellness Program to Advance Girl Power, Health, And Leadership
Book 160 page

Full of Ourselves outlines a wellness education program developed at Harvard Medical School. The program is aimed at promoting positive body image and reducing risk of disordered eating in preadolescent and early adolescent girls. The book is organised around eight core 50-60 minute units: Full of ...

7. Mental Health for Emergency Departments: A Reference Guide 2009
Booklet 134 Pages

This reference guide is designed to assist emergency department staff to respond to individuals who present to an emergency health department with a diagnosed or suspected mental health issue. The handbook contains a section on Common Symptoms and Presentations, within which Eating Disorders are ...

8. Set Your Body Free
Manual/Prevention program 135 pages

Set Your Body Free is an evidence-based eight session group cognitive-behavioural therapy program designed to address clinical and subclinical body image and eating problems (including binge eating, bulimic and unhealthy dieting but excluding Anorexia Nervosa) in adult women. Set Your Body Free ...

9. Youth Mental Health First Aid: A Manual for Adults Assisting Young People (Third Edition)
Manual 76 pages

This a youth version of the Mental Health First Aid programme which was developed to skill individuals to identify early signs of mental health issues and to provide support and assistance in mental health crisis circumstances. The manual is designed to accompany the delivery of a training ...

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