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NEDC Knowledge Hub

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Welcome to the NEDC Knowledge Hub.

This section provides a central location for the latest, evidence-based information relevant to the identification, prevention, early intervention, treatment and management of eating disorders.

The NEDC Knowledge Hub is a single gateway through which researchers, healthcare providers, educators, the media, people with eating disorders and those in their circle of support can access clinical information and research about eating disorders in Australia.

If you are aware of a resource that could be added to the Knowledge Hub, please contact us.

Research Database.

NEDC provides a searchable database of journal articles in the area of eating disorders. All the articles included here are taken from quality peer-reviewed journals.

Journal articles that have been published in the last quarter can be found in our Latest Research section.

The Research Library includes journal articles that have been published from 2009 until the previous quarter.

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NEDC Publications.

NEDC have developed several publications including the National Framework: an integrated response to complexity.

Download NEDC publications.

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Australian Studies.

NEDC lists ethically approved research projects currently occurring in Australia in order to foster collaboration and participation.

Discover research studies.


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Resource Directory.

NEDC have compiled a directory of  evidence based resources gathered by member recommendations and staff searches.

Explore the resource directory.