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Join the conversation on Day Two: Thursday 23 August, 2012

On Thursday, the NEDC presents four professional development workshops suitable for a diverse range of interests/expertise.

Workshop 1: Evidence from Experience Forum

10am-3pm, The Balcony Room, Richmond Hotel, 128 Rundle Mall, Adelaide

Participation is about being part of the process and being heard.

This full day session is for people with a personal experience of an eating disorder, their families and carers and professionals who provide support services, who have journeyed through recovery and are now ready to share their knowledge and insights for the benefit of others.

  • Learn about the experience of participation from people who have participated in different ways.
  • Contribute to the development of Guiding Principles for Consumer Participation for people who have eating disorders. These Guiding Principles will be presented to the Mental Health Council of Australia.
  • Review the outcomes from the NEDC National Workshop and directly contribute the voice of lived experience to the development of the NEDC Gap Analysis Report and Prevention Report.

Workshop 2: Prevention Workshop: Should I Say Something?

9am -12.30pm Crowne Plaza, Adelaide

You cannot tell whether someone has an eating disorder based on their appearance. So how can you tell? And should you say something?

This is an introductory level workshop for people who do not have professional expertise in eating disorders but work with those at risk such as teachers, sport and fitness professionals, and youth workers. The workshop will be presented by Dr. Laura Hart from La Trobe University and is based on a research study which provides the foundation for the eating disorders first aid guidelines.

Workshop 3: Prevention in Practice

1.30pm – 4.30pm Crowne Plaza, Adelaide

This half day workshop will explore the practical, evidence based strategies that can be used by professionals working with adolescents and young adults. Discussion will focus on practice tips for developing positive group culture and group activities.

The workshop will also give participants an opportunity to contribute to the NEDC Prevention Report and Gap Analysis by identifying the information and resources needed to support prevention. This workshop is for professionals who work with groups of young people and their parents such as education and sport professionals or youth workers.

Workshop 4: Communicating about eating disorders

9am – 4pm Crowne Plaza, Adelaide

Eating disorders are often poorly understood and underestimated in contemporary society. There are mistaken beliefs that eating disorders are about vanity, a dieting attempt gone wrong or an illness of choice. Eating disorders are also frequently believed to affect only adolescent girls. These attitudes contribute to stigma, stress and reluctance to seek help.

Communication related to eating disorders will require collaboration with current mental health and health organisations in Australia to begin to identify potential integration with eating disorders messaging.

In this practical workshop we will be exploring opportunities for complementary messaging, material, resources and campaigns across shared target audiences. This workshop is ideal for those working in a communications, marketing, media, online or social media role.

For more information on day one of the National Workshop visit here.

If you are a clinician, there are several professional development workshops being hosted by the Australia and New Zealand Academy for Eating Disorders (ANZAED) on Thursday 23rd August. Please visit their website for more detail www.anzaed.org.au