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NEDC Report: Eating Disorders & Online Resources for Young People

User Experience Guidelines for Prevention & Early Intervention of Eating Disorders

young people report

In June 2014, the National Eating Disorders Collaboration consulted ReachOut.com to carry out a research project in order to better understand the needs of young people using online services.

Studies have shown that digital technologies are a significant part of a young person’s everyday life, with Internet usage ever increasing. Research has also indicated that young people search the Internet and use online resources to assist them in finding information on various mental health issues.

This project sought to explore young people’s help seeking and information needs online, particularly in relation to eating disorders.

Download Eating Disorders and Online Resources for Young People

This report has been used to inform the development of an online resource that would be relevant and engaging to young people who are either at risk of or experiencing an eating disorder or who want to access online resources to help a friend or family member.

The youth resource can be explored at: eatingdisordersinfo.org.au

NEDC are happy to answer any questions you may have about the report and the youth resources and how to implement them in your workplace, with your clients, or within your community. Contact us at info@nedc.com.au

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