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CEED Adult Early Intervention Tool

Victorian Centre of Excellence in Eating Disorders (CEED)


The Victorian Centre of Excellence in Eating Disorders (CEED) are developing an online early intervention tool for adults experiencing disordered eating, or an eating disorder. This online tool specifically aims to: Encourage early help seeking for adults experiencing disordered eating, or an eating disorder, Provide psychoeducation on the early warning signs, risks and treatment options for adults with an eating disorder, Provide evidence based self-help strategies for people to begin the recovery process. The online tool will comprise of four pathways, depending on a person’s readiness for change. These pathways will each include information and interactive components targeting different stages of the illness. Each user will be able to generate two personalised reports. One will be aimed at assisting a person in their own recovery journey. A second report is for the person to take to their GP or other health professional when seeking help.

SHORT FILM - To ensure an authentic and compassionate ‘feel’ to this website, we will feature some short films of recovered individuals, describing their personal experience of recovery from an eating disorder. We aim to include experiences from a variety of individuals (gender, age, background). We anticipate the films to be approximately 2-3 minutes long. The short films would be featured in the online tool and also in social media campaigns. The project team are seeking volunteers to feature in these short films.

If anyone has any further questions or would like to express an interest in contributing to the short films, please contact Belinda Caldwell, E: Belinda.Caldwell@mh.org.au, T: 8387 2897 or Lizzie Manger, E: Elizabeth.Manger@mh.org.au, T: 8387 2897 at CEED.

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