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"Devi Mangiare!"[You have to eat!]: Food, culture and Italian women's experiences of disordered eating.

Researcher: Michelle Katherine Caruso. Research Supervisor: Associate Professor Nicole Moulding

UniSA (Magill Campus, South Australia)



This research aims to explore how the experiences of food, gender and culture interact with the experiences of disordered eating/ eating disorders in women of Italian background. It is hoped that information gained through this study will help build knowledge, and inform the care given to women of culturally diverse backgrounds who experience disordered eating/ eating disorders.

18+ woman with Italian background & eating disorder experience, based in South Australia.

The study process will involve taking part in a 1 hour interview. The interview will involve talking about your experiences of gender, culture, food and family, that all relate to your disordered eating / eating disorder experiences.

South Australia

If you would like to be part of this study please contact Michelle. Mobile: 0422 364 333. Email: carmk003@mymail.unisa.edu.au

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