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Language use towards people with a diagnosis of Bulimia Nervosa

Dr. Vanessa Beavan (Principle researcher and Supervisor) and Rosa Oyta (Student Researcher)

Australian College of Applied Psychology

The Navitas Professional Institute HREC approval number 342130617

Australian College of Applied Psychology

13 June 2017

The aim of this project is to understand perceptions of language use in mental health care settings towards those diagnosed with Bulimia Nervosa.

This study seeks people with a diagnosis with Bulimia Nervosa who are above the age of 18 years and live in Australia.

An anonymous telephone interview which may take approximately 45-60 minutes about experiences with language used in mental healthcare settings concerning the bulimia diagnosis. Participants will have the option to receive double pass cinema tickets via mail to thank them for their time!

Via telephone

Dr. Vanessa Beavan (Supervisor - Email: Vanessa.Beavan@acap.edu.au), Rosa Oyta (Student Researcher - Email: Rosa.Oyta@my.acap.edu.au)

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