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Self-compassion and Fear of Self-Compassion as Predictors of Binge Eating Disorder Symptomatology and Obesity in a General Population Sample

Samantha Evans and Prof. Lynne Harris

The Australian College of Applied Psychology (ACAP)


The Australian College of Applied Psychology


Recent research suggests that an individual’s level of self-compassion, and their fear of self-compassion, may underlie eating disorder symptomatology based on the premise that the ability to show oneself kindness rather than self-criticism promotes effective emotion regulation without external input. Additionally, self-compassion has been shown to improve self-regulation and to reduce feelings of shame and body dissatisfaction among university and treatment seeking samples of females. Furthermore, interventions designed to target self compassion have been demonstrated to be effective in a predominantly female sample with mixed eating disorders. However, there is limited research on self-compassion and fear of self-compassion in males with binge eating disorder symptomatology, although males comprise about 40% of those with BED (Hudson, Hiripi, Pope, & Kessler, 2007). Similarly, there is little research on the factors underlying binge eating disorder symptomatology across age and body mass index (BMI) ranges, and this is recognised as a limitation in the current academic literature that informs treatment interventions and applications. Thus, the current study aims to explore self-compassion and fear of self-compassion in a general population sample that varies in age, BMI, and sex using an online survey. The findings of the present study have the potential to inform binge eating disorder treatments relevant to males and individuals who are severely overweight.

Individuals may participate in the research if they are: a) over the age of 18 years and; b) currently living in Australia.

If individuals decide to participate, they can do so by completing the online survey which they can proceed this link: https://acap.au1.qualtrics.com/jfe/form/SV_1Ybxf89MlE8MiBD


Samantha Evans - E: 222220@my.acap.edu.au Professor Lynne Harris - E: Lynne.Harris@acap.edu.au https://www.facebook.com/SEvansresearch2018/

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