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Centre for Clinical Interventions Information Sheets and Worksheets for use by Health Professionals

Fact Sheets
Information and fact sheets 1-2 pages per handout

The Centre for Clinical Interventions, a public outpatient service in Western Australia with a specialist Eating Disorder treatment programme, has developed a set of handouts to assist people diagnosed with Eating Disorders to understand and manage issues around their diagnosis. The set of handout titles include: What are Eating Disorders?, Information for Carers and Family, Unhelpful Thinking Styles, Eating Disorders in Males, Starvation Syndrome, Set Point Theory, Gastrointestinal Changes, Eating Disorders and Hormones, Vomiting and Your Health, Vomiting and Dental Care, Laxative Misuse, Excessive Exercise, Change Process Balance Sheet, Breaking the Vicious Cycle, What is Normal Eating, Regular Eating and Water, Counting Calories, Self-Monitoring, Food Logs, My Food Log, Tackling Avoided Foods, Nutrients for Health, Normal Healthy Eating, Healthy Eating and Energy Use, Your Healthy Eating Plan, Healthy Eating and Menu Planning, The Facts on Fats, All About Iron, Calcium and Osteoporosis, Healthy Eating and Vegetarianism, Diabetes and You, Type I Diabetes and Eating Disorders

Centre for Clinical Interventions
Centre for Clinical Interventions
2016, last updated
Centre for Clinical Interventions
223 James Street, Northbridge, WA, 6003
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