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The National Eating Disorders Association Educator Toolkit

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Book 40 pages

This toolkit was developed in the United States and its purpose is to provide educators, school personnel, and youth workers with strategies to identify and intervene with students showing early signs of Eating Disorders and to support and assist students diagnosed with Eating Disorders. The resource provides answers to frequently asked questions from the target audience and debunks commonly held myths surrounding Eating Disorders and symptoms. The resource summarises the impacts of Eating Disorders upon mental functioning and school performance, highlights signs and symptoms that of relevance within a school setting, provides guidance on how to enhance the school policy and climate, brainstorms parent-school communications, discusses how to support the student with a diagnosed Eating Disorders and fellow students (according to professional role), and suggests treatment and community-based organisations and resources (United States-based only).

National Eating Disorders Association
National Eating Disorders Association
United State of America
National Eating Disorders Association
603 Stewart Street, Suite 803, Seattle, Washington, USA, 98101
0011 1 206 382 3587
0011 1 206 829 8501

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