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Your dieting daughter: Antidotes parents can provide for body dissatisfaction, excessive dieting, and disordered eating

Book l 256 pages

Your Dieting Daughter is a must read for anyone wanting to help contribute to a young woman's development of a healthy self and body esteem, whether she is 13 or 30. Costin has updated the first edition of this book to reflect her 15 additional years of expertise on dealing with the tricky issues of body image, food, and weight in a culture that places an unhealthy emphasis on being thin. Whether you are interested in being a good role model for you daughter, helping girls and women who are currently suffering from an eating disorder or body image issues, or raising the next generation of girls to value the size of their heart over their body size, this is a book not to be missed.

Carolyn Costin
United States of America

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