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Fitness Australia Guidelines: Identifying and Managing Members with Eating Disorders and/or Problems with Excessive Exercise

Guidelines 47 Pages

These guidelines are designed to assist fitness centre staff to provide advice and support to the individual with an Eating Disorder or exercise problem and to manage facility use in this population to promote safety and well-being. The guidelines present policy statements and action strategies, including example dialogue, to achieve these aims. The guidelines are the result of a collaborative project between The Centre for Eating and Dieting Disorders and Fitness First Australia on behalf of Fitness Australia, and have been endorsed by the Eating Disorders Foundation of Victoria, the Eating Disorders Foundation of New South Wales, the Eating Disorders Association of South Australia, the Eating Disorders Outreach Service, the Eating Disorders Association Inc Queensland, the Butterfly Foundation, the Australia and New Zealand Academy of Eating Disorders, and the Centre of Excellence in Eating Disorders.

Marks, P & Harding, M
Fitness Australia
Fitness Australia
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