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How to Recover from Anorexia and Other Eating Disorders

Self Help - Carers
Book 188 pages

This book is written by two of the world's leading experts on child and adolescent Eating Disorder treatment. It is targeted to parents of a young person diagnosed with an Eating Disorder. The book helps parents to understand Eating Disorders. The authors draw on the current evidence base and their extensive clinical experience to educate parents on treatments for Anorexia Nervosa and Bulimia Nervosa. Rather than taking the antiquated approach of blaming parents for the Eating Disorder, the treatment approach emphasises the instrumental role of parents in promoting their child's health and recovery, and guides them in how to become active agents of change.

Hutchings, M & Thornton, C
Hale & Iremonger, Pty Ltd.
Hale & Iremonger Pty Ltd.
PO Box 205, Alexandria, NSW, 2015
02 9560 0470

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