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Everybody's Different: A Positive Approach to Teaching about Health, Puberty, Body Image, Nutrition, Self-Esteem and Obesity Prevention

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This book outlines a whole-school curriculum for children and adolescents, Everybody's Different, which promotes healthy nutrition, self esteem enhancement, media literacy, acceptance of pubertal processes, and positive body image with the aim of preventing Eating Disorders and obesity. The program is a whole-school curriculum involving strategies for school policy, school climate, and classroom-based teaching and learning activities. The book contains case studies, research outcomes, classroom activities, teacher training, and lesson plans. Topics covered include self-esteem enhancement, media literacy, growth and physical development, and healthy dietary habits.

O'Dea, J
Acer Press
ACER Press
Private Bag 55, Camberwell, VIC, 3124
03 9277 5555
03 9277 5500

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