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Media Smart

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Media Smart is an evidence-based eight-lesson media literacy program suitable for girls and boys in late primary school or early high school. Topics covered include techniques used by the media to manipulate images (e.g. airbrushing), ideas for how to analyse and challenge media messages, tips for handling pressure placed on young people and planning for how to move through adolescence and beyond as a skilful and confident person. Media Smart targets media internalisation which refers to when people believe they must look like the ideal images presented in the media. The program is suitable to teach in a range of classes including English, Study of Society, Home Economics, Physical Education, Pastoral Care and Home Group. The program comes with information for presenters, lesson plans and a workbook for students. The program has been evaluated in a randomised, controlled trial and a two-and-a-half year follow-up showed a beneficial, sustained impact on Eating Disorder risk factors.

Wilksch, S & Wade, T
School of Psychology, Flinders University
Flinders University, School of Psychology
PO Box 2100. Adelaide, SA, 5001
08 8201 7996
08 8201 3877

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