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The Body Project: Promoting Body Acceptance and Preventing Eating Disorders: A Facilitator Guide

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Book/Prevention Program 152 pages

The Body Project contains two four-session intervention programs that can be used with low- or high-risk adolescent and college-aged females to prevent disordered eating. The primary author is arguably the world's foremost authority on Eating Disorders prevention and the prevention programs he develops and outlines in this guide have been shown to be effective in schools and colleges worldwide in a range of controlled and effectiveness trials. The first program "The Body Project" is based on the cognitive dissonance prevention method. The second program "Healthy Weight Intervention" involves healthy lifestyle strategies to maintain well-being and a healthy body weight, which enhances body satisfaction and reduces obesity risk. The book provides a session-by-session approach to implementing the programs.

Stice, E & Presnell, K
Oxford University Press
Unite States of America
Oxford University Press
GPO Box 2784, Melbourne, VIC, 3001
03 9934 9123
03 9934 9100

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