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An Eating Disorders Resource for Schools: A Manual to Promote Early Intervention and Prevention of Eating Disorders in Schools

School Programs
Manual 92 pages

This manual informs teachers, coaches, and members of the school community about the prevention and early intervention of Eating Disorders. It was developed through consultation with the scientific literature, school staff, students diagnosed with Eating Disorders and their parents, and professionals working in the Eating Disorders field. Chapter 1 introduces the project; Chapter 2 discusses myths, symptoms, causes, warning signs, and consequences of Eating Disorders, treatment options and provider types; Chapter 3 outlines school prevention strategies; Chapter 4 discusses intervention in schools, risk factors, monitoring and evaluation of at-risk students, and early intervention programme development; Chapter 5 discusses methods to approach and support students with suspected or confirmed eating problems; Chapter 6 focuses on restoring well-being within schools; and Chapter 7 suggests further resources including libraries (in Victoria only), online resources, curriculum, supporting organisations, and models of intervention.

Liddy, S
Victorian Centre of Excellence in Eating Disorders & Eating Disorders Foundation of Victoria
Victorian Centre of Excellence in Eating Disorders
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