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Eating Disorders Resource for Health Professionals: A Manual to Promote Early Identification, Assessment, and Treatment of Eating Disorders

Community Programs
Manual 170 Pages

This manual was developed to assist health professionals to detect, assess, and manage Eating Disorders. The manual is designed for a range of professionals including general practitioners, pediatricians, dietitians, psychologists, counsellours, psychiatrists, nurses, and allied health practitioners. The manual gives information on normal eating behaviour, warning signs of Eating Disorders, screening and assessment of Eating Disorders, management and referral, treatment and management options including dietetic, medical, and psychological, handouts and resources to assist health professionals detect, assess, and treat Eating Disorders.

Victorian Centre of Excellence in Eating Disorders
Victorian Centre of Excellence in Eating Disorders
Victorian Centre of Excellence in Eating Disorders
C/o Post Office, Royal Melbourne Hospital, VIC, 3050
03 8387 2669
03 8387 2667

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