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An Eating Disorders Resource for: Coaches

Sport and Fitness Programs
Manual 50 pages

This manual is a well-informed guide to assisting coaches to identify and respond to Eating Disorders. The manual is divided into sections of identification, intervention, supposed, and prevention. Coaches are taught to identify early warning signs and female athlete triad, how to respond when they believe a person is at risk of an Eating Disorder, how to support an athlete who has an Eating Disorder, and strategies to enhance protective factors and reduce risk factors, among other examples. Resources are provided, such as school policy guidance, Fitness Australia's Body Mass Index and Exercise Guidelines for GPs, a reading list, and referral information (for Victoria only).

O'Dwyer, V
The Eating Disorders Foundation of Victoria
The Eating Disorders Foundation of Victoria
1513 High Street, Glen Iris, VIC, 3146
03 9885 6563
03 9885 1153

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