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Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Eating Disorders: A Comprehensive Treatment Guide

Training Programs
Book 466 pages

This book describes a cognitive-behavioural approach to treating Eating Disorders with a focus on the core clinical skills required. The book is descriptive and comprehensive, and takes the clinician through the treatment process from referral to discharge. A detailed overview of assessment, case formulation, enhancing motivation to change, patient care, and clinician self-care is given. Techniques are provided for working with individuals across a range of age groups. The book is targeted to a range of professionals who want to integrate cognitive behavioural techniques into their practice.

Waller, G, Cordery, H, Corstorphine, E, Hinrichsen, H, Lawson, R, Mountford, V & Russel K
Cambridge University Press
United States of America
Cambridge University Press
477 Williamstown Road Port Melbourne, VIC, 3207
03 8671 1411
03 9676 9955

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