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Northside Clinic

Private Mental Health Service, Private Hospital

Adolescent, Young Adult & Adult

Northside Clinic provides inpatient and day programs for all mental health disorders. The Eating Disorders inpatient unit provides a safe environment in which patients can gradually regain control of their lives with medical, social and psychological support to help them make a full and lasting recovery. The treatment team comprises psychiatrists, clinical psychologists, a dietitian and nurses all specialising in eating disorders. The Unit also employs a teacher who visits regularly to encourage patients to continue with their school/ university studies whilst in hospital. The eating disorders day program provides patients with the flexibility to attend between 1-4 days per week dependant on their individual stage of recovery. The program offers supportive group therapy empowering patients to make the behavioural and psychological changes necessary for recovery. Patients do not need to have had an inpatient admission before attending the day program.

2 Greenwich Road, Greenwich, NSW, 2065

02 9433 3555

02 9433 3599


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