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Eating Disorders Foundation of Victoria (EDV)

Community-Based & Non-Profit Organisation

Child, Adolescent, Young Adult & Adult

The Eating Disorders Helpline operates on weekdays from 9:30am to 5:00pm and is staffed by highly skilled and trained volunteers. The Eating Disorders Helpline provides support via telephone, e-mail and some face to face. Training and education programs are run periodically and upon request and cater for a variety of audiences including individuals with Eating Disorders, carers and families, school staff, health and welfare workers, fitness centre staff and sports coaches, local councils, employers with workplace eating disorder issues, and community groups. Specialist library service is offered which contains a comprehensive range of books and multimedia on eating disorders which are suitable for individuals with Eating Disorders, and families and carers. The Recovery Support Officer is available to provide guidance and support to individuals at all stages of recovery from an eating disorder and the Family Support Officer is available to offer support, strategies and skills for family members and friends supporting a loved one with an eating disorder. Helpfinder service is available to assist individuals, families, and health professionals find out information about services. Referral details can be obtained by ringing the Eating Disorders Helpline on 1300 550 236. Chatroom and online discussion boards to provide support to individuals with eating disorders via EDV's website. Care and share is an online meeting place for families, friends, and partners of people with eating disorders. Peer support groups are available for individuals who are beginning or maintain recovery, for families and friends, and for these groups combined. Carer skills-based program is available comprising a 6-week course containing training in motivational interviewing, problem solving, communication, and tools to facilitate recovery. Newsletter produced twice yearly. EDV's advocacy program engages with government departments, public health services, hospitals, private practitioners and other key stakeholders.

Collingwood Football Club Community Centre Level 2 Corner Lulie & Abbot Streets Abbotsford, Vic 3067

1300 550 236

9417 5787



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