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Myrtle Oak Clinic

Child, Adolescent, Adult, Adult women, Young Adult, males of all ages.

Myrtle Oak Clinic is a unique multi-disciplinary team of experienced clinicians who specialise in the assessment, counselling and treatment of individuals (and their families) with clinical eating disorders, body image or self esteem issues, anxiety, depression and unhealthy dieting practices.

Our experienced team includes: • Psychologists
• Accredited Dietitians
• Mental Health Social Workers

Myrtle Oak offers: • Individual and family treatment options, including Cognitive Behavioural Therapy – Enhanced (CBT-E) and Maudsley Family Based Therapy;
• Intuitive Eating, Non-Diet Approach to food and health;
• Treatment for general mental health conditions such as anxiety and depression;
• A multi-disciplinary team who work closely alongside the client’s General Practitioner, specialists and Allied Health professionals to facilitate treatment and recovery;
• Medicare and Private Health Rebates, where eligible.

Want to know more? Call us on (02) 4362 3443 or visit our website: www.myrtleoakclinic.com.au. Staff are available to provide education and in-services.

4/53 Pacific Highway Ourimbah NSW 2258

02 4362 3443

02 4362 2998



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