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Treatment and Recovery

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Successful treatment and complete recovery from an eating disorder is possible.

However, taking the first steps towards treatment can be challenging. A person with an eating disorder may feel stressed, nervous, anxious, embarrassed, ashamed or scared as they enter the treatment and recovery phase. Some may still be in denial about their problem, while others may feel like they have their disorder under control, even when they don’t.

Seeking help as early as possible greatly reduces the severity, duration and impact of an eating disorder. If you notice any warning signs or symptoms, whether in yourself or someone you care for, you should seek professional help straight away, rather than waiting for the illness to progress.

You can find your local support organisation or get further help by calling the National Helpline.


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The National Helpline provides free, confidential support for anyone.

phone now national support line  Phone 1800 33 4673.

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NEDC have developed a new resource to help young people through eating disorders.

Visit eatingdisordersinfo.org.au.


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