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Treatment Costs

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The cost of individual treatment is dependant on the type of treatment needed, frequency and setting. It is vital to talk to clinicians, therapists and treatment professionals about the costs involved in your treatment before treatment begins.


Medicare may cover some or all treatment costs. If you are hospitalised in a public hospital, Medicare may cover some of the associated costs. It is important to keep in mind that there are low-cost and no-cost treatment options available for eating disorder treatments although access to them can be limited.

For further information, you should contact your local Medicare office or speak to your clinician or therapist.

Private Health Insurance

If you have private health insurance, you may be able to claim back certain expenses (for example, psychology or psychiatric counselling services). Specific claim benefits differ according to your insurance policy.

To find out more, obtain the relevant Item Number/s from your medical professionals and talk to your Private Health Care provider about whether those particular service items are covered by your insurance.

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