ADHD and Eating Disorders: What’s the link?

About this study

Existing research suggests that the link between ADHD and eating disorders is influenced by gender. More specifically, the research suggests that certain aspects of ADHD interact with certain aspects of eating disorders. We seek to understand this in greater detail.

Research TeamDr Danielle Wagstaff PhD, Mr Daniel Ellwood BPsych (Hons)
InstitutionFederation University Australia
Ethics Approval NumberA21-178
Funding SourceFederation University Australia
Project Start DateDecember 10, 2021
Project End DateDecember 31, 2022
ParticipantsPeople over the age of 16
What is InvolvedParticipants will fill out a brief survey that includes demographic information and questions about ADHD and eating disorder experiences.
LocationBallarat, Victoria, Australia
Contact Details

Dr Danielle Wagstaff, 61 3 5327 6247,

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