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Expressions of interest are sought from individuals with lived or living experience of anorexia nervosa to take part in a Lived Experience Advisory Panel. The panel will consist of 5-8 individuals who will participate in a group discussion (2-hrs via zoom) on the design of a study investigating cognitive processes in individuals with anorexia nervosa. Panel members will be reimbursed with a $100 voucher for their time.

Research TeamDr Laura Dondzilo, Prof Colin MacLeod, Dr Andrea Phillipou, Dr Stephanie Miles, Dr Nienke Jonker
InstitutionUniversity of Western Australia, Swinburne, University of Groningen
Project Start DateJuly 4, 2022
Project End DateDecember 31, 2022
What is InvolvedThe lived experience advisory panel meeting will take place on the week of the 4th July and the research study will follow in the next months.
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