Perfectionism and Eating Disorders: Piloting an Online Indicated Prevention Program for At-Risk Adolescents

About this study

If you set extremely high standards for yourself, feel guilty, worthless, depressed, or anxious if you don't reach your goals, and your high standards impact on your body image and self-esteem, you may be experiencing unhelpful perfectionism. We invite you to express your interest in our FREE, online, 4-week self-help Cognitive-Behavioural Therapy program.

Research TeamAmy O'Brien, Clinical Psychologist & PhD Student, Associate Professor Dr Sarah Egan, Dr Trevor Mazzucchelli, Dr Rebecca Anderson
InstitutionCurtin University
Ethics Approval NumberHRE2020-0626
Funding Sourcen/a
Project Start DateDecember 1, 2021
Project End DateMarch 31, 2023
ParticipantsIf you identify as female, are between 13-18 years of age, have reliable internet access, and are experiencing concerns about your eating, shape, or weight, you may be eligible.
What is InvolvedOur 4-week program is 100% online, and you work through it at your own pace (we recommend 2 modules per week). This program involves some light readings, video and audio clips, and some fun quizzes, to help you challenge unhelpful perfectionism. Find our more details on our website.
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