Sense of Self and Body Image in Anorexia Nervosa

About this study

Research suggests that sense of self (i.e how well you know yourself) to be an important factor in anorexia nervosa (AN), but our understanding of the role of sense of self in AN is still limited. As such, the purpose of this research is to gather more information on sense of self in people with AN and how they related to body image and eating disorder symptoms. The survey will ask you some questions about yourself, your mental health history, and eating disorder symptoms. There will also be a few questionnaires asking about your feelings around your body image, your feelings around your sense of self, and your mood and personality traits. Through this survey, there will be some questions that will ask you to type in information, while others will simply ask you to select an option from a list.

Research TeamDr Andrea Phillipou, Dr Amy Malcolm, Miss Scarlett Croce
InstitutionSwinburne University of Technology
Ethics Approval Number#20216021
Project Start DateDecember 1, 2021
Project End DateDecember 31, 2022
ParticipantsTo participate in this project, you must be an adult (aged 18+). You will be asked to fill out an anonymous online survey that will take approximately 30 minutes to complete.

Participation in this study is voluntary and you are free to withdraw participation at any time.

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