Strengths, interests and goals of individuals currently receiving treatment for anorexia nervosa

About this study

You are invited to take part in an online survey about your strengths, interests and goals. A lot of research in anorexia nervosa is focused on clinical symptoms, but the aim of this study is to better understand what is most important to you in other areas of your life. As part of the survey, you will also be asked about the support you are receiving from your current treatment provider.

Research TeamKelly Dann, Professor Phillipa Hay, Professor Stephen Touyz
InstitutionThe University of Sydney
Ethics Approval Number2021/838
Funding SourceNone
Project Start DateMarch 1, 2022
Project End DateJuly 31, 2022
ParticipantsTo be eligible for the study, you must:
• Be 18 years old or over.
• Have received a formal diagnosis of anorexia nervosa (including atypical anorexia nervosa) from a medical or mental health professional.
• Be currently receiving treatment or support from a medical or mental health service provider for this eating disorder diagnosis.
What is InvolvedThis online survey will take approximately 20 mins.
LocationOnline survey
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