The lived experience of those caring for family members diagnosed with an eating disorder: A Thematic Analysis

About this study

The research will invite participant description of their lived experience as a caregiver of a family member experiencing an eating disorder (ED). The aim is to promote awareness of accessibility to services and to increase understanding of experience and need. The research intends to promote new knowing regarding the support needs of caregivers.

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Research TeamDr Katrina Andrews & Penelope Daley
InstitutionThe University of the Sunshine Coast (USC)
Ethics Approval NumberS221728
Funding SourceUSC Funding protocol
Project Start DateJuly 8, 2022
Project End DateJanuary 8, 2023
ParticipantsParticipants will be caregivers who have supported a family member with an eating disorder and willing to disclose their experience.
What is InvolvedThe research involves a 45-60minute semi structured interview with participants of their lived experience of caring for a family member with an ED. The research will enquire into what support is currently available within the community for caregivers, also looking at the resources available to caregivers within this area. The participants are invited to share how living with someone experiencing an ED affects their daily functioning and wellbeing; the support they have access to; as well as their needs.
LocationSunshine Coast
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