Eating Disorders Quality Improvement Tool for PHNs (ED QI) 

The ED QI is an innovative, purpose-built tool developed by the National Eating Disorders Collaboration (NEDC) alongside PHN leaders and eating disorder experts. Based on the National Practice Standards for eating disorders and tailored to the PHN context, the ED QI guides PHNs through the process of building on their eating disorders response.

Foundational to the ED QI are 20 best practice actions across four functions specific to PHNs:

Operational Resources and Planning includes five actions that focus on the PHN's processes for identifying and addressing needs through data collation, documentation, and human resources.

Awareness Raising and Information Provision outlines six actions that focus on the PHN's strategies that support access to evidence-based eating disorders information for health professionals and consumers.

Primary Care Quality Improvement covers six actions that focus on the PHN's strategies for capacity building of the primary health workforce including access to resources and professional development.

Service Integration and Coordination addresses three actions that focus on the PHN's processes for connecting services, health professionals, and consumers within the system of care, and its use of standards to inform these activities. 

NEDC will be incorporating new service navigation, coordination, and commissioning components into the ED QI in early 2022.  

The ED QI consists of three components:

Online Self-Assessment

In the online self-assessment, PHNs respond to the ED QI 20 best practice actions according to their current activity status. 

There is an opportunity to provide short clarifying notes against each action as needed.

NEDC recommends that this is completed by one representative from each PHN, consulting colleagues as needed.   

This takes approximately 15 minutes to complete.

More information on the 20 best practice actions is provided below.

Personalised Service Plan

This is available to download at the completion of the online self-assessment, and is generated based on the PHN’s responses to the online self-assessment. The plan includes:

- suggested next steps as a basis for action planning and quality improvement based on the PHN’s current level of activity

- an outline of the positive outcomes that can be achieved for people at risk of and experiencing eating disorders as the PHN builds on its response

- access to tailored resources and fact sheets to support the implementation of the best practice actions and next steps

The application of the personalised service plan is enhanced by using it in conjunction with the Action Planning Worksheet. 

Action Planning Worksheet

An Action Planning Worksheet is available to download from within the Personalised Service Plan.  

The worksheet is designed to assist the PHN to prioritise and plan the next steps they will implement for the following six months.

The personalised service plan and action planning worksheet provide PHNs with an internal record of their progress and supports regular action planning and implementation of the best practice actions. 

The above ED QI preview can also be viewed here.

Click here to view the entire message from the Hon David Coleman MP, Assistant Minister to the Prime Minister for Mental Health and Suicide Prevention at the launch of the ED QI, 10 November 2021. 

Accessing the ED QI 

Access to the ED QI is available to staff working at a Primary Health Network*.

1. Log in or become a member of NEDC (membership with NEDC is free). Ensure that you indicate your professional interest in eating disorders, then select your PHN from the drop-down list.

2. Once you are logged in, go to your personal dashboard on the NEDC website.

3. On your personal dashboard, click ‘Access ED QI’.

* This must be identified in your membership profile. Please contact NEDC if you are having difficulty joining as an NEDC member or accessing the ED QI.

On following the above steps you will be directed to start the Online Self Assessment. At the completion of the Online Self-Assessment, your Personalised Service Plan will be available to download, along with your Action Planning Worksheet. Use these two resources together to support your PHN in the planning and implementation of your priorities and next steps.

Next steps

NEDC recommends PHNs complete the ED QI every six months. Revisit the online self-assessment and download a new personalised service plan. Use your Action Planning Worksheet to continue to build on your PHN’s response to eating disorders.

A suite of NEDC resources is available to support your PHN's activities here.

Consultation and support are available to your PHN for implementing the ED QI best practice actions.

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