Enlisting Carers in Adult Eating Disorder Treatment

Enlisting Carers in Adult Eating Disorder Treatment

About this event

Workshop:  Enlisting Carers in Adult Eating Disorder Treatment

May 17th 2019, 9am - 5pm

As many of you know, the involvement of carers when working with individuals affected by an eating disorder is not just incredibly beneficial, it’s also a requirement under the Mental Health Act.  This workshop provides an opportunity for clinicians and services to discuss and explore how to harness the resource that is families and carers within adult treatment in order to achieve more effective recovery outcomes.

There is growing evidence in that utilising families and supports in eating disorders treatment can support recovery oriented behaviours in the home setting with the aim of reducing hospital admissions and length of treatment.

We also know that effectively supporting families and carers is known to reduce eating disorder symptoms and decrease carer burden.

Using a symposium style of workshop, participants will have the opportunity to learn from a range of different presenters on practical strategies for integrating and including families and carers in a range of treatment models, how to address the challenges that come with working with an adult population with eating disorders, and what are the legal and policy enablers or barriers to family/carer enlistment in treatment.


Participants will:

•          Consider the role of families and carers in supporting effective recovery

•          Understand the rationale/importance for families and carer inclusion in assessment, treatment and recovery

•          Hear from services about the benefits they’ve experienced with working with carers in adult treatment

•          Consider skills in supporting families with emotional and meal support coaching

•          Understand the legal obligations of mental health services to clients and families/carers, including confidentiality and information disclosure

•          Hear clinical examples of transformational family inclusive practice




Hospital Education Centre (HEC) | Royal Melbourne Hospital - Royal Park Campus | 34-54 Poplar Road, PARKVILLE, 3052, VIC


Clinicians employed in Victorian public mental health services:         $95.00

Other health professionals:                                                          $230.00

Morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea will be provided


Registrations close 7 May 2019
For more information on the workshop, contact Joshua Watson on joshua.watson@mh.org.au  or Belinda Caldwell on belinda.caldwell@mh.org.au

Contact Details

Person: Joshua Watson

Phone: Joshua Watson

Email: joshua.watson@mh.org.au



Frances Sanders Senior Carer Advisor, Office of Chief Psychiatrist
Dr Beth Shelton Senior Clinician, CEED and Immediate Past President ANZAED
Associate Professor Genevieve Pepin , Deakin University
Belinda Caldwell Carer Consultant CEED, Vice Chair Eating Disorders Fami, CEED
Victorian Mental Health Service Leaders ,
Experts by Lived Experience ,

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