Eating Disorders in Pregnancy and Early Parenthood

Eating Disorders in Pregnancy and Early Parenthood

Eating Disorders Victoria

About this event

Eating disorders affect one in six Australian women across the lifespan, have the highest mortality rate of any psychiatric illness and have a range of severe physical and psychological impacts.

An eating disorder can develop or reemerge during pregnancy or post-birth. Pregnancy, birth and early parenthood can complicate symptoms and further affect health, while eating disorders can pose serious risks to parent and child health.

As most women are very engaged with the health system in the perinatal period, maternal health professionals are uniquely placed to help ensure more people affected by eating disorders get the help they need to recover.

This three-hour workshop covers:

- types of eating disorders
- risk factors
- signs and complications specific to pregnancy and early parenthood
- helping to prevent eating disorders
- support options
- how to approach someone you might be concerned about
- EDV services and resources
- EDV Stories of Recovery speaker who will share their lived experience of having an eating disorder and their journey to recovery
- Time for questions and answers

COST: Free of charge

DATE: Thursday 30th April, 2020

TIME: Workshop from 10:00am – 1:00pm. Morning tea provided.




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