Dietitian Basics Workshop

Dietitian Basics Workshop

Eating Disorder Training and Evaluation Centre (EDTEC)

About this event

This workshop is designed as an introduction to understanding, identifying and assessing, and managing eating disorders in dietetic practice.

Participants will learn how to communicate effectively with clients in the context of potential ambivalence about engaging in treatment and denial of symptoms common in this group.

Case-based discussion will explore screening and comprehensive assessment of eating disorders. There will be a focus on nutritional and medical risk issues of starvation and binge/purge behaviours, and their safe management.

Objectives: By the end of this workshop, you will be able to

- outline the clinical features of eating disorders

- describe the use of screening tools consistent with evidence-based guidelines and identify at risk individuals and groups 

- describe in detail dietetic assessment for eating disorders including a person’s dieting behaviours/ food choices and their background, meal preparation and set up, compensatory behaviours including excessive/ compulsive exercise, disordered use of insulin and inappropriate use of other medications or supplements, measuring/weighing behaviours, and other aspects

- use data to identify the associated physical risks and psychiatric complications of ED behaviours, including consequences of under-nutrition, starvation and compensatory behaviours

- describe the management of malnutrition across varying levels of severity and the appropriate treatment setting (inpatient/outpatient) considering medical and psychological risk, refeeding syndrome, gastro-intestinal concerns and nutritional requirements 

- identify professional and personal boundaries appropriate to one’s level of experience, work setting and own personal triggers, describe ways to manage these

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Person: Ulrike O'Sullivan



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