Weaving the treatment of perfectionism into your eating disorder therapy

Weaving the treatment of perfectionism into your eating disorder therapy

Australia & New Zealand Academy for Eating Disorders (ANZAED)

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Perfectionism is considered a transdiagnostic risk factor for depression, anxiety, suicidality and eating disorders. It impedes therapeutic engagement, is associated with drop-out, and has a strong association with self-criticism and lack of self-compassion. A body of emerging research also indicates that perfectionism is associated with less successful goal pursuit and resilience in the face of adversity. Perfectionism has significantly increased in youth over the last 20 years.

An issue that confronts therapists doing evidence-based therapies for eating disorders is how to include the treatment of perfectionism in an already busy therapy. Cognitive Behaviour Therapy- Enhanced allows half a session a week over Phase 3 for working with maintaining factors such as perfectionism.

In this context, the workshop will examine brief protocols for treating perfectionism that give you most “bang for your buck” in promoting progress across a number of fronts.

The workshop will include interactive teaching, practical exercises, self-reflection and group exercises, with provision of a client workbook to accompany therapy. The importance of psychoeducation and behavioural experiments in this area will be highlighted, as will pathways to pursuing self-compassion in this population. Issues related to the best way to deliver CBT for perfectionism when comorbidity is the norm in this group will also be explored.

Tracey Wade is part of a team of clinician/researchers who have been at the forefront of formulating and evaluating CBT for perfectionism, producing a therapist manual as well as a self-help book, now in its second edition. Tracey Wade will present a full-day workshop informed by these resources and her work with online and school perfectionism interventions. She has had 30 years of experimenting with CBT across different areas of psychopathology, with a focus on promoting well-being and recovery.

Friday 23rd October

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Tracey Wade

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