Virtual 2021 Autumn Workshop Series

Virtual 2021 Autumn Workshop Series


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The Virtual 2021 ANZAED Autumn Workshop Series will be held on Thursday 18 March, Friday 19 March & Saturday 20 March 2021 

This year's theme is Diversity of Minds & Bodies. There will be eight interactive workshops over three days with the option to participate live or watch later on demand, addressing frontier issues in eating disorders from leading researchers and clinicians across Australia, focusing on deepening crucial understanding of the experience of diverse groups who are impacted by eating disorders and resourcing curious clinicians to support their recovery journey.

Thursday 18 March 


Body Dysmorphic Disorder & Eating Disorders, Dr Fran Beilharz and Dr Gemma Sharp 


Working with Indigenous populations in a culturally sensitive manner Professor Aunty Kerrie Doyle and Dr Paul Saunders

Friday 19 March


Body Image for Families/Adolescents Dr Emma Spiel and Jess Ryan

ARFID & Adults Dr Amy Talbot


Body Image across the spectrum of shape & size Janet Lowndes and Fiona Sutherland

ARFID & Youth Dr Claire Burton and Erica Allen


Saturday 20 March


Eating disorders in Trans and Gender Diverse Children and Adolescents Associate Professor Michelle Telfer, Dr Catherine Mollica and Martin Pradel


Diversity in Mind, Body & Gender Amy Woods, Marie August and Naomi Rottem

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