Temperament Based Treatment with Supports (TBT-S) webinar: The Neuroscience underlying TBT-S with Dr Walter Kaye UCSD

Temperament Based Treatment with Supports (TBT-S) webinar: The Neuroscience underlying TBT-S with Dr Walter Kaye UCSD

Eating Disorders Families Australia (EDFA)

About this event

At this webinar, Professor Walter Kaye will discuss the latest in neurobiology research discoveries that underlie the Temperament Based Treatment with Supports (TBT-S). New research has suggested that neurobiology makes a powerful contribution to eating disorder symptoms. TBT-S aims to target these brain mechanisms to improve the expression of eating disorder behaviors. This webinar will answer your questions on topics including:

• New insights into disturbed eating behavior and altered regulation of reward/motivation and inhibition/anxiety
• Medications to help reduce anxiety and the pathways we are targeting with new medications
• How to use temperament traits that improve success in ED recovery

Please have your questions and comments ready for an active discussion.
To facilitate claiming of PD points, certificates of attendance and the learning objectives will be
provided to attendees.

Presented by EDFA, along with state partners:
• Queensland Eating Disorder Service (QuEDS)
• Inside Out Institute
• Victorian Centre for Excellence in Eating Disorders (CEED)
• Statewide Eating Disorder Service (SEDS)
• Western Australian Eating Disorder Outreach Consulting
Service (WAEDOCS)

Contact Details

Person: Lynn Garvey

Email: lynn.garvey@edfa.org.au


Dr Walter Kaye UCSD

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