ED102: Key concepts for supporting someone with an eating disorder

ED102: Key concepts for supporting someone with an eating disorder

Eating Disorders Victoria

About this event

Build your confidence in understanding eating disorders and supporting people in recovery through this insightful 2-hour workshop.

Topics include:

- Key takeaways from ED101
- ​Physiological and psychological responses to dieting
- ​Eating disorder behaviours​
- Intuitive eating and regular eating in recovery​
- Weight bias and stigma Improving body image​
- Understanding the nervous system, self-soothing and co-regulation ​
- Treatment options in Victoria

Who this workshop is for: 

This workshop is designed for professionals who may be working with people at risk of experiencing an eating disorder including mental health workers, youth workers, community workers, social workers, psychology students, school teachers and fitness professionals. We also welcome people from the general community, including carers who are interested in learning more about eating disorders.

Assumed knowledge:

 This workshop is an extension of the ED101: Eating Disorders Explained, which covers eating disorder risk factors, warning signs and types of eating disorders. Please read through the fact sheets on our website if you have no prior knowledge of eating disorders.

Day: 21 September

Time: 11am to 1pm AEST

Where: Zoom

Cost: $30, spots are limited!

If you require any support or information prior to the event, please contact the EDV Hub on 9994 0354 or hub@eatingdisorders.org.au.

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