Body image concerns in young children

Body image concerns in young children

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As children grow up, their bodies can and do rapidly change. Could you identify the red flags of body image concerns in children, and if you could, how might you support a culture of positive body image amongst children and their families?

This webinar will support practitioners in developing an understanding of red flags for body image issues among children; the importance of prevention and promotion of positive body image among children; and the role of collaboration and appropriate referrals when providing support and care to children experiencing body image concerns, and their families.

Hear from our interdisciplinary panel of experts as they share their insights and experiences in the field through a case-based discussion. Our panel includes Dr Stephanie Damiano (Researcher), Fiona Sutherland (Dietitian), Dr Andrew Leech (General Practitioner), Dr Rachel Cohen (Clinical Psychologist), and will be facilitated by Professor Stephen Trumble (General Practitioner).

Through an exploration of body image the webinar will provide participants with the opportunity to: 

- Identify red flags for body issues in children
- Discuss how to have conversations with children and their family who may be experiencing body image issues
- Demonstrate the importance of prevention and promotion of positive body image
- Demonstrate the importance of collaboration and appropriate referrals when providing care to children who have body image concerns. 

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