NEDC Event

Introduction to Eating Disorders - Melbourne

NEDC Event

Introduction to Eating Disorders - Melbourne

About this event

One million Australians have an eating disorder. These serious mental health disorders have complex physical, psychological and social effects. All health professionals have a role to play in early identification and response to eating disorders, to support the best possible outcomes for their clients. In addition, Consellors and Psychotherapists can have key roles in supporting carers and in helping a person to work towards recovery and reintegration into school, work and community life.

This introductory workshop will give attendees the key information that they need to be able to identify and respond to eating disorders within the Counsellor's role. Through a blend of information provision, small group discussion, case studies and other activities, attendees will find out more about:

  • The signs and symptoms of different types of eating disorders;

  • Tackling common misconceptions;

  • Screening and assessment;

  • Treatment and the building blocks of recovery;

  • The Counsellor’s roles in the continuum of care.

Learning outcomes include:

  • Understanding of the core psychosocial challenges associated with all eating disorders;

  • Knowledge of key screening tools and how and when to use them;

  • Understanding of how to support and work effectively with someone with or at risk of developing an eating disorder, in a recovery-oriented framework;

  • Understanding of how to support and work effectively with a carer of a person with an eating disorder;

  • Knowledge of key referral pathways and options for professional support.


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