Body Esteem educator training

Body Esteem educator training


About this event

For professionals working with young people

Evidence based & prevention focused; addressing the risk & protective factors underpinning the development of negative body image, disordered eating and eating disorders.  This session is designed to provide comprehensive information and easy to use tools to support body esteem education and early intervention.

Suitable for educators, youth workers & community professionals working with young people of all genders aged 8 to 18.

Platform: Zoom 5.0

Length: 2hrs virtual, plus 30 minute recorded content available on completion.

You will explore:

- The spectrum of behaviours from healthy, unhealthy to disordered
- Latest statistics on body image in males and females
- Evidence based approaches to prevention
- The importance of healthy body-esteem and knowledge of modifiable risk and protective factors
- How to foster a body positive environment through education, awareness and policy
- A selection of activities and resources to support body esteem.
- Early Intervention - what to do if you suspect a young person is at risk

Please note there is overlap in content with Understanding Eating Disorders in Young People.  You may want to choose one or the other, rather than attending both.

Facilitator: Nicki Isaacs

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