SSCM for Anorexia Nervosa

SSCM for Anorexia Nervosa

The Centre for Eating, Weight and Body Image

About this event

Virginia V W McIntosh presents 12 hours of online training in SSCM for anorexia nervosa | Zoom, March 31 & April 1, 9am-4:30pm  AEST

Specialist supportive clinical management (or SSCM) is a psychotherapy with a growing body of evidence, showing promising potential for the treatment of anorexia nervosa. It has two distinct components: clinical management, which involves alleviation of the symptoms of anorexia nervosa, particularly focusing on weight gain via resumption of normal eating; and a supportive psychotherapeutic approach to issues identified by the patient as important, including life issues that may impact on the eating disorder. Gini and colleagues conducted the first trial for anorexia nervosa comparing SSCM with other therapies. Since then, SSCM has been included in other clinical trials, with results comparable to those of other evidence based treatments, and eating disorder specialist services in New Zealand and other countries are now using SSCM as a first-line treatment for anorexia nervosa.

This workshop includes a description of the key therapeutic strategies in SSCM. Tools for delivering the therapy will be presented, using practical techniques, case material, and discussion of commonalities and distinctions between SSCM and other psychotherapy approaches for adults with anorexia nervosa. Pre-workshop readings will be provided that describe SSCM and research comparing this therapy with other therapy models.

Learning outcomes

  • Understand SSCM’s key therapeutic strategies
  • Be familiar with the evidence base for SSCM for anorexia nervosa
  • Recognise the distinctions between SSCM and other therapy models


Copies of the below readings will be made available to registered participants.

McIntosh, V. V. W., Jordan, J., Luty, S. E., Carter, F. A., McKenzie, J. M., Bulik, C. M., & Joyce, P. R. (2006). Specialist supportive clinical management for anorexia nervosa. International Journal of Eating Disorders, 39(8), 625-632.
McIntosh, V. V. W., Jordan, J., Carter, F. A., Luty, S. E., McKenzie, J. M., Bulik, C. M., Frampton, C. M., & Joyce, P. R. (2005). Three psychotherapies for anorexia nervosa: A randomized controlled trial. American Journal of Psychiatry, 162(4), 741-747.
Jordan, J., McIntosh, V., & Bulik, C. (2019). Specialist supportive clinical management (SSCM) for anorexia nervosa: What it is (and what it is not). Australasian Psychiatry.

Additional event details

Successful completion of the Inside Out Institute’s Eating Disorders Essentials Training ( or equivalent is a minimum required prerequisite.

A discount is available for students. Please email with proof of both a valid student ID and full-time enrolment to receive the discount code.

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Virginia V. W. McIntosh

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