Body image and boys for educators

Body image and boys for educators


About this event

This workshop will explore the particular issues facing adolescent boys and guides educators and youth professionals on supporting the development of healthy body image and associated behaviours in males.  The session will also support the use of Butterfly's digital resource RESET and guide on early intervention. 

Format: 1.5hr live virtual workshop hosted by Zoom (no recording available)

Suitable for: Teachers, youth workers and community professionals working with males.

Inclusions: RESET: A conversation about boys' body image (digital resource)

You will explore:

  • Male body image concerns and the role of masculinity and muscularity
  • Diet culture and disordered eating
  • Understanding muscle dysmorphia
  • Warning signs and the importance of early intervention
  • Implementing effective awareness and education programs
  • RESET and how best to engage boys

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Suzie Rhydderch

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