Let's talk body confident children and teens

Let's talk body confident children and teens


About this event

With a focus on prevention, this live virtual session (no recording available) provides information and practical tips to help parents better understand and promote positive body image in the home.

Suitable for: Carers of primary and secondary age children.  Please note this session is not designed for children to attend or for those caring for someone with an eating disorder. 

You will explore:

  • Overview of body image and the importance of prevention
  • Key influences on body image, including social media
  • The impact of diet culture and weight stigma
  • Reducing appearance talk and how to respond when a child expresses negativity towards themselves/others
  • The power of role modelling positive body image and healthy behaviours
  • Understanding warning signs and the importance of early intervention
  • What to do if you are concerned.

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Nicki Lefkovits

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