Paediatric Disordered Eating in Practice

Paediatric Disordered Eating in Practice

Dietitians Australia

About this event

WHEN: 17 May 2022 at 9am-4pm (AEST) – virtual/online event

Due to the interactive nature of this course, it will be live only (not recorded). Please do not register if you cannot attend the date/time listed. 

The Centre for Advanced Learning (CAL) and Child Health in Life and Disease (ChildD) are excited to bring you the one-day virtual course as part of the National Paediatric Training Course. 

Learning Objectives:

Disordered Eating

  • Acquire a working knowledge of the diagnostic criteria for eating disorders.
  • Understand the risk factors that contribute to the development of eating disorder and prevalence rates.
  • Understand the physical, psychological and social impacts of an eating disorder.
  • Understand how to complete a biopsychosocial assessment that integrates assessment of eating disorder symptoms.
  • Understand and identify risks and comorbid presentations.
  • Understand the current evidence base treatments for each eating disorder diagnosis.
  • Understand the role and significance of a multidisciplinary team in treatment.
  • Know how & when to implement risk and medical management plans.
  • Know of care levels and when to refer.
  • Understand the importance of supervision and of continuing professional development.


  • Identify the current barriers and evidence of obesity.
  • identify and choose the appropriate tools for measurement, assessment and definition for overweight and obesity in infants and paediatrics.
  • Understand the current literature relevant to paediatric obesity and contributing factors with particular focus on infant feeding.
  • Current clinical guidelines supporting paediatric obesity treatment.
  • Understand what does a systems approach to evidence-based obesity treatment look like.

Pre-Reading: You will be uploaded to the Learning Management System (LMS) to access pre-reading materials prior to the course date.

To register: Registration is through the Dietitians Australia member portal here. If you are not a DA member you can create a free account. Registrations close 15 May 2022

CPD: This course is worth 14 CPD hours (including both pre-reading and course time). 

Contact Details


Dr. Kim Hurst, Adjunct Professor Robyn Littlewood

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