Specialist Supportive Clinical Management for Adult Eating Disorders (SSCM)

Specialist Supportive Clinical Management for Adult Eating Disorders (SSCM)

The Victorian Centre of Excellence in Eating Disorders (CEED)

About this event

Presented by CEED Senior Clinicians Tanya Gilmartin and Tess Shannon and delivered over two half-days live online.
Wednesday 5 October & Thursday 6 October, 8.30am-12.30pm

The workshop aims to equip participants with the following:

  • A working understanding of the SSCM model, key components and applications that supports immediate implementation of the intervention
  • Skills and practice in delivering key SSCM interventions and processes, including treatment set up, assessment, intervention and concluding phases, and following a session structure and using clinical tools
  • A framework for understanding and working with multidisciplinary roles in SSCM

Participants will have the opportunity to develop these skills through:

  • Active practice of SSCM interventions and techniques through demonstrations, case material and role plays
  • Provision of handouts and resources for formulation, goal setting, session structure, providing psycho-education and integrating goals with eating disorder behaviour change
  • Practice in implementing the skill of using of handouts and delivering psycho-education within an SSCM framework
  • Pre-readings which equip the clinician to feel informed about the research basis for SSCM and which form an introduction to the content covered will be provided prior to the workshop

Training prerequisite

The SSCM training is considered advanced treatment training provided by CEED and, as such, prior completion of Eating Disorders introductory training is a prerequisite for this training. If you have not completed introductory eating disorders training, or this is a new area of work for you, prior to attending the training please access and watch the following introductory to eating disorders resources (2 x 30min recordings) freely available via the National Eating Disorders Collaboration (NEDC).

1. Introduction to Eating Disorders

2. Eating Disorders: Screening and Assessment

This training has been approved by NEDC as meeting the requirement of an evidence-based treatment model (SSCM) as required for the ANZAED Eating Disorder Credential.

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Tanya Gilmartin and Tess Shannon

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