Eating Disorders Myths...Busted

Eating Disorders Myths...Busted

Some people think that eating disorders are a lifestyle choice, a diet “gone too far” or a cry for attention. Others think that someone with an eating disorder has only themselves to blame. All of these things are untrue. Someone with an eating disorder requires serious medical treatment, as well as help and support from friends and family.

Common misconceptions affect how people and communities respond to eating disorders. Understanding the facts about mental health and eating disorders can lead not only to a more aware and accepting community, but also improve prevention, early identification and help-seeking.

We have identified five common misconceptions about eating disorders. They are:

• Eating disorders are a lifestyle choice and mostly about vanity

• Dieting is a normal part of life

• Eating disorders are a cry for attention

• Parenting is to blame for eating disorders

• Eating disorders only affect white, middle class females, particularly adolescent girls

Watch our video to find out why these myths are false.

This video has been developed from the latest evidence based information through collaboration with NEDC staff and eating disorders experts.



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