2018 NEDC Members' Meeting Video Presentations

2018 NEDC Members' Meeting Video Presentations

The 2018 NEDC Members' Meeting was held in Sydney on 1-2 June. This meeting encompassed two days of valuable workshops, seminars and networking, held under the theme "Eating Disorders in Primary Care" 

The following seminars were presented and you may access guest speakers' video presentations by clicking on the video files below.


NEDC National Director, Christine Morgan presents "Eating Disorders in Primary Care - Then, Now and in the Future, National Eating Disorders Collaboration"

NEDC National Director, Christine Morgan introduces us to the NEDC and eating disorders in Primary Care. A discussion about eating disorders in Australia, where NEDC began, what it is now and where we will be in the future.  

Chris Thornton presents: "Introduction to Eating Disorders" at the 2018 NEDC Members Meeting. 




Gabriella Heruc presents: "Hidden Truths - Dispelling nutrition myths in an over-informed world"


Beth Shelton presents: "CBT Guided Self-Help"


Lesley Cook presents: "Stories from Experience"

Lesley Cook introduces Braiden Fitzsimmons and Shannon Calvert who provide crucial insights into the lived experience of eating disorders.


 Frances Cook presents: "Eating Disorders Standards and Competency Framework" 


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